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Sound Bite: Not paying taxes is better than paying taxes, if you can do it without going to jail.

I don’t care if you are an elephant or an ass, a Tea Partier or a libertarian or a Pastafarian.  We as a country now owe $13Trillion to other people.  That is an amazing amount of money.  buy rx drugs without prescription Unless the economy doubles in size in the next five years (a compounded 15% growth rate, with troubles all its own), taxes are going to have to go up alot.

And there are still going to have to be spending cuts.

It’s not politics, it is basic math.

Due to tremendous requests, I have re-written “Top Tax Plays” into a 2009 version. This iteration is more in depth, not quite so sarcastic, and will also be available in paperback. Two major changes are the inclusion of some case studies so people can learn from concrete examples, and a section “Before the Bubbly”, subtitled “What To Do Before The End of the Year (That Your CPA Won’t Tell You Until it is Too Late)”. We hope this additions make the book even more valuable to you.
The book is being edited as I post this, so may be available electronically by the end of November, with paperback versions available in early December. More information will be posted on