I feel bad for the Salvation Army bell ringers, because it is REALLY cold out there.  And I don’t like giving money to them.

I am not a Scrooge. I do a bunch for charity, between volunteering my time, giving them professional guidance on a pro bono basis, and actual donations.  And that is why I rarely drop money in the kettle, even if I feel bad about it.

Here’s my reasoning: yes, it gives a moment of joy to drop loose change or a buck into the pot.  But what does it do?  Is it a large enough donation to really do anything?  Not really.  It is literally de minimis, from the latin meaning “too freakin’ small to matter”.  I would rather give a check for $50 to them and collect my receipt (so as to get my tax deduxtion), than to pat myself on the back for a total of buy prescription drugs online without prescription $3.48 dropped in the kettles over a month so that I can avoid feeling bad for a few seconds as I walk out of the mall.  And I bet you the SA prefers it too!