Congrads to all the new grads out there.  Unfortunately, this is not exactly a great time to be graduating and entering the workforce.  Demand for new workers overall is about the worst we’ve seen in twenty years.  If you do have your job lined up, good luck and make sure you keep your skills and resume up to date.  If you don’t have job you better get cracking!

Some ideas to help you:

Search your social networks.  Examples:

Were you in a Fraternity or Sorority?  Contact your National as they probably have databanks of alums in your field or city that could help you. 

Check with your school.  What does the career center have, or go through the alumni association.  There are opportunities here.

What about your relegious group?  There might be someone that knows someone that can help you out.

Look around at where you have spent your time, whether socially, academically, or otherwise.  That is the place to look for connections to get you your job.  Remember: it is some part what you know, but mainly who you know out there, especially today.