“That which you own, ends up owning you.”

So proclaimed Tyler Durden in “Fight Club“.  And all too often this is true.  We spend years getting a degree, and it pigeon holes us into a specific field.  With six figures of debt.  We get the house we want, but it ends up getting us.  We have our dream job, but really the job has us because we are dependent on the benefits and pay check and the title and prestige.

So what do we do?  Do we blow up the condo and start fighting in back alleys?  Do we retreat to a mountain top and seek wisdom from the Jerry Garcia clone in Ziggy?   How do we re-take our freedom?

We need to break the cycle of dependence.  First, we need to be independent of the benefits from work.  Have your own insurances wherever possible, so if the rug is pulled out from under you it doesn’t trip you up.  Secondly we need to drive down the debt and create assets that produce income, income sufficient to cover what it takes to live.  See Tim Ferriss’ “4 Hour Work Week” for ideas, but be ready to do the most important thing.  Be ready to tell others “It just doesn’t matter.”  Give up the benchmarking against others, abandon the need for external gratification.  Just be you, and be content.