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Pi Day!

Mar 14

Nerds and Geeks everywhere, celebrate!  Today is that most mathematically holy day of the year, Pi Day (3.14).

Revel in your nerddome!  Wear that shirt with Maxwell’s Equations that starts with “And God said” (and there was light!).

Bust out the T Shirt with Pi and the Square Root of Negative One arguing (“Get Real!”  “Be Rational!”).  Watch “Revenge of the Ners” and root for Poindexter!

Put that Einstein Bobbblehead back on your desk for the uninformed and unintelligent masses to see.  Unveal your true brilliance and remember:  The Geek shall inherit the Earth!

Really good article for all the cogniscoti on what is a nerd and what is a geek.

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So 25 years ago I was at the Johns Hopkins Center For the Advancement of Academically Talented Youth, or CTY as it is referred to.  We called it “Nerd Camp”.

It was an interesting experience because for the first time I was surrounded by people of very high academic level with a desire to learn and improve.  Everyone was “wicked smaht”, and the curriculae (and even environment) were set up to push you to higher levels.  And not just academically.

To this day these are some of my best friends.  I just got a call last week from someone in Central America whom I hadn’t heard or seen from in over a decade, telling me about his cool new tech company.  Another guy is a major writer and actor in the Orient.  Others are Doctors or attorneys or military leaders.  They are doing great things because their potential was harnessed and unleashed.

So what are you doing to harness your potential?  Do you watch TED talks to grow and stretch your mind?  Did you know that MIT has their entire course catalog online for free, including the lectures?  Do you try to learn something new every day, like from’s word of the day?

I have a friend that reminded me of the mathematics of the situation.  If you can get 1% better every day, you will be twice as good in a 2 month time as you are now.  That 1% might be a very difficult thing to quantify, and we will reach the point of diminshing returns eventually, but there are so many different components of our lives that we can make small efforts to improve that there is plenty of room for growth for all of us.