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November is Long Term Care Awareness Month.  It is a good time to review your planning and coverage.

What?  You are only in your thirties with young kids?  Great!  Review your parents’ coverage!  Why?  My grandparents went into a nursing home when I was young and spent several years there.  And my parents used most of the money that they had been saving for my college to help pay for it because there was no long term care insurance.  I am still paying off student loans, something my grandparents would have never wanted.  My parents have long term care partially to make sure that my siblings and I do not have to chose between our parents’ care and our kids’ future.

I think the best thing I saw with the Superbowl (other than actually good game) wsa the picture of Drew buy acomplia prescription drugs online without prescription online no prescription Brees holding his son after the game.  To have just hit the absolute pinnacle of your professional career, and to be able to share all the adulations and the moment with your child, was spectacular to watch.

And propecia gynecomastia I like the fact he was a good enough father to allow his kid in the moment but to protect him with the headphones.