News Flash!  It’s hot out there!  Summer has finally arrived to the Northeast, with mid to upper level 90’s.  So drink lots of water, stay out of the sun, and try to stay cool.

Unless you are crazy like me and are going to go for a run in the heat because I love the heat and sweating like crazy during a workout because it just cleans everything out of your system.  So here are a couple of the ideas that I use to stay cool, that are cheap and easy.

1.  Frozen Water Bottle:  freeze your water bottle.  It will melt during your workout, giving you smaller doses of cold liquid throughout your travails.  This will make sure you hydrate throughout a 30+ minute workout.  And if you put something in the bottle (like Koolaid or whatever), it will come out of solution before the water, thus making the drink weaker throughout the run (and easier to consume).

2.  Dump water over you BEFORE you start.  Dip your head, because it will keep you cooler in the early stages of the workout.  I know runners that actually put a cold wet washcloth on their head under their hat because it will keep their temparature down for the first 30 minutes or so.

3.  Run in the shade.  “nuff said.

4.  After your run, take a quick cool shower to get the grime/sweat off.  Then plug the tub and stay in a little colder shower for a few minutes.  Will help drop your body temperature (no after shower sweatiness), plus the collected water will act as a little heat resevoir to coll your place a little bit.

Are these rocket science build your own A?C out of ice, a fan, and duct tape?  No, but they ar quick and easy ways to enjoy your workout in the heat without dying during or after.

So drink  up and enjoy the sun!