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Every year Dr. Seuss’sOh, The Places You’ll Go!” hits all the Top Ten Book lists.  And I love Dr. Seuss, and I really like this book.  But here is my issue:  why does every one get a copy of this when they graduate, and not a copy of a book that will get them going the right way financially?  Doesn’t have to be “Financial Mistakes of  New College Grads”.  It could be “The Richest Man in Babylon”, one of the best fundamental guides to getting on the right track financially and about as easy a read as anything the good Doctor Seuss wrote.

Here is a good idea for a graduation gift.  Give the gift of knowledge and dreams.  Instead of giving the college graduate money (which they will spend on beer, because that’s what they do), give them a copy of “The Financial Mistakes of New College Grads” and a bound notebook.  FMNCG will give them the knowledge they need to succeed post graduation, and the notebook will allow them to capture their goals and dreams from the prescription drugs online without comprar reductil online visioning excercises in FMNCG.

A cool thing to then do is actually go over their dreams with them.  You will really learn alot about your grad, and it is a great bonding experience. propecia results