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Congrads to all the new grads out there.  Unfortunately, this is not exactly a great time to be graduating and entering the workforce.  Demand for new workers overall is about the worst we’ve seen in twenty years.  If you do have your job lined up, good luck and make sure you keep your skills and resume up to date.  If you don’t have job you better get cracking!

Some ideas to help you:

Search your social networks.  Examples:

Were you in a Fraternity or Sorority?  Contact your National as they probably have databanks of alums in your field or city that could help you. 

Check with your school.  What does the career center have, or go through the alumni association.  There are opportunities here.

What about your relegious group?  There might be someone that knows someone that can help you out.

Look around at where you have spent your time, whether socially, academically, or otherwise.  That is the place to look for connections to get you your job.  Remember: it is some part what you know, but mainly who you know out there, especially today.

So yesterday I had a phone call with a member of another Fraternity asking for guidance on setting up a 501c3 for their House so that they could raise scholarship acomplia usa funds.  Nice young man (geez do I sound old), and in 20 minutes he had gotten all the non-legal guidance oin why and how to do this and some of the pitfalls as well as successes we’ve had with it.

It buy online propecia is really good to see people looking to help the next generation because they have been helped.  I refer to this as financial karma, because helping others like this will definitely help yourself buy drugs without prescription in the long range.

And we are trying to build the habit of helping others: new alums giving $5 per month each via EFT doesn’t sound like alot, but that is $60 per year  per person.  And that $5 can become $10 in a few years, the $15 or $20.  And if everyone is doing it then that is alot of money for scholarships and to help the next generation.

So who are you going to give $5 a month to?

Today is the Annual Alumni Invasion for my Fraternity. Whole bunch of guys from throughout the Northeast converge on Troy NY to interview students for their companies, re-visit old haunts, and re-connect.
Why is this important, other than the fact that I get an evening out with friends?
It is important because these guys have become successful to very successful. They are senior managers and CIO’s and tech leads, generally quicker than normal. And these aren’t the real brainiacs from the House. These are the guys who learned to get through problems, and work hard, and build and maintain connections. That is the key.
Many finance guys will talk about “Investing” only when referring to money. But time is a limited resource that needs to be allocated, and should be invested rather than spent. Spent means it is gone and has little chance of generating anything of value, like standing in line or sitting on hold or what have you. Invested means that it can pay dividends, whether it is job opportunities (like connecting with older alumni or mentors), financial opportunities (meeting with your advisor), or relationships (going to do laundry at 3 a.m. because you know that is when the cute girl/hot guy does it).
So when you are choosing to do something, ask yourself: am I spending my time or investing it? As the Alumni Invasion shows, it is better to invest than spend now, so you actually have more to waste if you want later.