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Tag: financial mistakes


Apr 28

Did a talk for the RPI chapter of SWE last night, and was very pleased.  These young women, even though all tech school people, asked great questions and were highly involved in the discussions.  Plus I was just in a really good mood so put on order drugs online a good show.  Think they really propecia dosing href=””>buy acomplia pills got something out of it, even if almost every one of them said “No thanks, I don’t need an expert.  I’ll take the little bits you taught us today and do it on my own.”  A little knowledge is a dangerous thing….

Listen to this good radio talk I did with the acomplia pharmacy great Matt online drugs without prescription propecia generic online “The Money Smart Guy” Sapaula out of Chicago.

I am in the process of getting “The Financial Mistakes of New College Grads” in college bookstores across the country.  The idea here is to allow propecia instructions parents to see the book and say “Hey, this would be a good graduation present for Johnnu or Suzie.” 

It is also in line with the concept from “The Untouchables” where Sean acomplia online pharmacy without a prescription weight loss Connery tells Agent Ness “If you want a good apple, go straight to the tree”  By getting the book right there where they get their other books, it increases the receptivity for the message.