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Just because the average new college graduate this year will have over $30k in student loan debt does not make them bad.
The fact that they have no clue how to repay it effectively, nor the $10k+ of consumer debt, is bad.
That is why you should get your grad a copy of “Financial Mistakes of Young Americans” (available on this site or at Amazon) because the section “The 10 Minute Debt Plan” will show the most mathematically efficient way to pay down the debt, and give your grad a PLAN so they feel good about what they are doing.
The book also has a bunch of other valuable info to help them out, so splurge and spend the ten bucks to give them the guidance that they didn’t get in school.

Hopefully early next week, both “Do You Want To Make MDRT, Or Not?!” and “Financial Mistakes of Young Americans” will be available on Amazon Kindle.

Financial Mistakes of Young Americans is now available on Amazon.

If you own the book and liked it please leave a review so that others can find this tome.

Now available.

146 pages of irreverent insight.

The finest edutainment available in financial planning!

After discussions with the editors and publishers there is an outside chance of Financial Mistakes of New College Grads having a new edition out this summer.  It would be 3.1, and will include the 5 Minute Debt Reduction Plan in the budgeting section.

Anything else y’all like to see in this version?  Last call!

I did a talk at RPI the other night for the Greeks on Financial Mistakes of New College Grads.  It is now becoming a Youtube sensation:

The Financial Mistakes propecia timeline of New College Grads is now available in MP3 format drugs without prescription from medicine acomplia open book audio.  Very cool.

Now you can download it and listen to the book at work when you should be doing something else, like maybe working.  But you can listen to it while on hold, instead of that annoying hold music.

From yesterday evening:

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#18 in  Kindle Store > Kindle Books > Business & Investing > Personal Finance > Budgeting

That is pretty cool that the book has popped back up there, but here is acomplia prices a question I have: if there are 25 million Millenials of post college age (22-29), how come this book isn’t selling tens of thousands of copies?

Every year Dr. Seuss’sOh, The Places You’ll Go!” hits all the Top Ten Book lists.  And I love Dr. Seuss, and I really like this book.  But here is my issue:  why does every one get a copy of this when they graduate, and not a copy of a book that will get them going the right way financially?  Doesn’t have to be “Financial Mistakes of  New College Grads”.  It could be “The Richest Man in Babylon”, one of the best fundamental guides to getting on the right track financially and about as easy a read as anything the good Doctor Seuss wrote.

Chack out this great article in the Albany 5 mg propecia Times Union about financial mistakes of new grads.  Had coffee with the author yesterday. acomplia ordering prescription drugs online without a prescription cheap no prescription