I took a little quiz on CNN.com the other day about how badly a vacation is needed.  I need one immediately.  75+ hours week after week with no down time (young kids and other responsibilities whenever I am not “working”) will exhaust the body and spirit.  And I need to re-read Tim Ferriss “4 Hour Work Week” to get back down to under four hours a day on the weekends.

One of the reasons many companies ask how long your tyoical work week is is not because they are concerned as much about whether you are at 36 or 37.5 hour per week, but rather if you are at over fifty on a consistent basis because of how it drains you.

So to make sure that I do not have a breakdown (which would not help you dear reader), I am actually going to take today and tomorrow off from working, at least until the sun goes down tomorow.  That will be 36 continous hours without work for me, the equivalent of a week long vcation for most people.

So take a bit of time off, a mental and physical health day.  Sleep in (unless your baby wakes you at 4 a.m. like happened to me), stay in your pj’s for an extra hour, and take some time to play with legos or something else you wouldn’t normally get the chance to do.  And DO NOT feel bad about it at all!  You are on vacation.