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I love summer. I love working out in the sweltering heat to the point of being a dripping puddle, wearing shorts, and not shoveling snow. I love the freedom to walk or bike places, and the farmers market, and concerts in the park. And Christmas Carols. Huh?!?!?!

Yes, Christmas Carols are allowed in the summer. In fact, when it is over 90 degrees out is the only time you can have them before Thanksgiving without violating one of the Rules and having me boycott your store and grumpily complain how that never occurred “back when I was a kid.” Because summer Christmas Carols are cool.

Think about it for a moment on a few different levels. First is the psychological programming component. When it is hot out and you talk about how hot it is, you just compound the problem because your mind is reinforcing what your body is feeling. Plus you are just being an annoying whiner! But if you start to sing “Frosty, the Snowman”, you are actually performing a type of self hypnosis and making yourself cooler, and thus better able to withstand the heat. Yes, people might look at you weird and think that you have heat stroke and that your brain melted, but that is OK. Frosty will stick in their head, and they will actually be slightly better equipped to deal with the heat too. So you are actually helping others out by doing this.

And by singing Jingle Bells in July, you bring yourself back to being a kid when the two best times of the year are summer vacation and just before Christmas. Why not put them together? You see little kids doing this all the time, and the unfettered creativity of a four year old is a wonderful inspiration. Why not tap into these two very happy periods, unify them and re-connect with the positive feelings and endorphins? Studies show happy thoughts reduce pain of all varieties, and with the economy the way it is today any free pain reduction is on the Nice List.

Now I am not saying go to the extreme and put up a Christmas tree and the creche, but have a little fun with it. Cut out some snowflakes with the kids and put them up as decorations. This will keep them from asking to play Wii for an hour or so while increasing their manual dexterity with the scissors. It also gives you a chance to remind them that Santa is watching even now, and so they should be good. Believe me, calming down the kids will reduce your temperature (and blood pressure).

So bust out those old Burl Ives recordings and get ready to sing some Christmas Carols and laugh at the heat. If need be, use the Jimmy Buffett Christmas Album and have a frozen adult beverage to counter the heat. Because Christmas comes but twice a year!

I swear, the hardest day to get back in the swing of things has got to be the Monday following Thanksgiving. You feel fat, part of your mind is still asleep from the couple of lazy days, and part of you is looking forward to Christmastime.  So how do you muddle through?
One way is to actually have a continuation of Thanksgiving, and be thankful for what you have. Especially if you find out your friend’s kid brother is in the hospital because some idiot was driving like a psycho and hit them. Taking the few minutes to reflect on you employment, health, and family can make you re-spark the motivation a bit.
Another way is to have some end of year goals that you can focus on, ones that have some small steps now. I have a goal of an additional 5,000 book sales by the end of the year, with an interim set of steps that need to be knocked off ASAP. Having these little benchmarks towards a big vision with a hard fast deadline can be a great motivator.
Or just drag your tryptophane addled body out of bed and get the blood flowing with some basic workout to jump start you. All work.