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Financial Mistakes of Young Americans is now available on Amazon.

If you own the book and liked it please leave a review so that others can find this tome.

Now available.

146 pages of irreverent insight.

The finest edutainment available in financial planning!

If you travel a lot like I am starting to do in support of the how to buy prescription drugs without a prescription books (especially on a plane), then remember two things: orange juice and garlic.  These pump up your immune system and will help you fight off the things you are exposed to in that petrie dish in the sky.

Every year Dr. Seuss’sOh, The Places You’ll Go!” hits all the Top Ten Book lists.  And I love Dr. Seuss, and I really like this book.  But here is my issue:  why does every one get a copy of this when they graduate, and not a copy of a book that will get them going the right way financially?  Doesn’t have to be “Financial Mistakes of  New College Grads”.  It could be “The Richest Man in Babylon”, one of the best fundamental guides to getting on the right track financially and about as easy a read as anything the good Doctor Seuss wrote.

One year ago today on June 1st is when the first copy of “Financial Mistakes of New College Grads” was published.  What have I learned in cheap generic drugs this year?

1.  Writing a good book is easy, if you know your stuff.

2.  Marketing/selling a book is hard.

3.  Don’t be enamored by people’s resumes.  What have they actually done in your acomplia phentermine space?

4.  finasteride proscar propecia Be willing to cut deals to get market share/sales.

5.  Be creative.