I don’t know how many people have told me “I’ve got Disability Insurance from work.  I’m all set.”  Classic example of what the poet Blake spoke about:

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing,

Drinkly deeply, or touch not, the Pyrrhic Spring.”

All set, eh?  With group coverage that will only cover 50-60% of your salary?  And doesn’t cover your bonuses, or overtime, orcommissions?  And have you recently looked at the definition of disability that the group coverage covers, or doesn’t cover (such as mental issues without being in a looney bin, or that you must be unable to perform “all duties” as opposed to “principle responsibilities”, or that you can be retrained to go flip hamburgers even if you are a PhD level intellectual professional)?

When you read what is NOT taken care of via the group program, it should inspire everyone to get as much individual coverage as they can to close the gaping holes.