Listen to Joe on The Jim Bohannon Show from 6/10/11.  Starts at 40:00 in.

Out the Box thinking: Joe’s discussion of the Financial Mistakes of New College Grads.

A mini discussion on the Muller-Templin Simplification Ratio for those interested in leasing our research.

To actually listen to Joe talk about the Financial Mistakes with financial talk show host Matt Sapaula, click here.

Interesting article on Life Insurance as a retirement asset.

To watch Joe speak at RPI, click here.

For a plethora of budgets to assist you.  Thanks jMoney for consolidating these!

For an easy spreadsheet to help track your spending for taxes. is just a wonderful all around resource.  Not super high level, but strong fundamentals.

The LIFE Foundation is an independent organization promoting insurance.  They have various resources to help you calculate needs and vet out companies and products.

NAIFA will help you find a financial services professional that adheres to a code of ethics.

YAT is a subset of NAIFA for younger advisers and professionals.

Big Stick Policy does the music for our audiobook.