1 out of 5 has $100k in student loan debt.
1/3 can't balance a checkbook.
None has been taught budgeting or what a Roth IRA is or about Disability Insurance (DI).
Any wonder the Millennial Generation is foundering financially?
Thus Financial Mistakes of Young Americans.
A snarky and succinct map for Millennials in the financial planning world, this guide written by 2011 Advisor Today 4 Under 40 Winner Joe Templin will give the newest generation in the workforce what is needed to adult properly.
Topics that you will now have covered include:
Goal Setting
How Investments Work
How Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds Work
Why Cash is King (and Crap!)
401(k)'s and 403(b)'s
Debt Reduction
Basic Legal Documents
Disability Insurance
Life Insurance
Retirement Planning
Savings Alternatives
How To Choose a Financial Planner or Advisor

Financial Mistakes of Young Americans EBOOK

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