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The Life Insurance Foundation for Education is a great resource for learning about the insurance world from a consumer point of view.  It is an independent non-profit that really does a great job (they do the beep, beep, beeeeepp commercials on the radio).

Every May they have DIAM: Disability Insurance Awareness Month.  Click here to learn a bunch!

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I try to feed my brain daily with information and ideas from multiple sources on a variety of topics.  Partially because my friend Chris Millis propecia ed (author and illustrator as well as acomplia medicine man about town) in a conversation years ago told me part of his secret to good comic strips involved having a vast cross section of potentially useless knowledge.

Much of my success has come from being able to recognize patterns in one area and apply solutions to similar issues from a different area.  Physics solves finance problems.  Martial arts philosophy solves marketing ideas.  Thinking like a five year old solves many issues.  So having just more random ideas and knowledge can create answers.

I Buy Generic Drugs Without Prescription bring this up because of this TED talk on what Physics teaches us about Marketing.

We lost my wife’s grand father order prescription drugs online without prescription Pepere this weekend.  I don’t know which is hardest; watching my father in law in denial, watching my wife cry, or explaining acomplia propecia weight gain buy in usa to my five year old that grand pepere is gone.

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I am a huge fan of Tim Ferriss’ “4 Hour Work Week”, because I respect his disrespect for the status quo and processes and procedures that are ineffective.  But I do I one big disagreement with him:  That had work is over rated.

I am writing this while it is still dark out, and I went to bed at roughly late o’clock.  This is normal, because I was raised with a good farm work ethic.  I also believe that you may have talent at something but will never achieve greatness unless you put in the hours to translate potential into reality.

The hard worker will do better than the naturally talented coaster.  The talented guy that works hard will become the champion.  That is my focus: to be great.  Isn’t it everyone’s?  Obviously not, as way too many people are still in bed.

I think the best thing I saw with the Superbowl (other than actually good game) wsa the picture of Drew buy acomplia prescription drugs online without prescription online no prescription Brees holding his son after the game.  To have just hit the absolute pinnacle of your professional career, and to be able to share all the adulations and the moment with your child, was spectacular to watch.

And propecia gynecomastia I like the fact he was a good enough father to allow his kid in the moment but to protect him with the headphones.