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Just because the average new college graduate this year will have over $30k in student loan debt does not make them bad.
The fact that they have no clue how to repay it effectively, nor the $10k+ of consumer debt, is bad.
That is why you should get your grad a copy of “Financial Mistakes of Young Americans” (available on this site or at Amazon) because the section “The 10 Minute Debt Plan” will show the most mathematically efficient way to pay down the debt, and give your grad a PLAN so they feel good about what they are doing.
The book also has a bunch of other valuable info to help them out, so splurge and spend the ten bucks to give them the guidance that they didn’t get in school.

May was Disability Awareness Month.
If you are the only one dependent on you, Disability Insurance (DI) is the bedrock of your financial plan. If you have no income, you can’t save. Or invest. Or anything.
DI is dirt cheap. If you use your brain for your living, you can supplement employer paid DI for less than the cost of a couple beers per month. Not even good beers!
So contact your financial advisor and discuss DI.
Don’t have one? Contact me and I will introduce you to one.

21 years ago today I started in the financial services.  Back then there were no Roth IRA’s, Long Term Care insurance basically didn’t exist.  Banks and insurance and investments were all separate, email was barely used and no texting.

If you have the special friends code for purchases, insert a”/” after the first “e” in your code because of some weird bug.

Hopefully early next week, both “Do You Want To Make MDRT, Or Not?!” and “Financial Mistakes of Young Americans” will be available on Amazon Kindle.

Average Young American spends more time planning their next vacation than their entire financial future each year.

Take some time, sit down (maybe with a nice cold hopped beverage)and figure out where you want to be in five years.  And ten years.  and 20, and 30 and 40.

Then start getting together your plan to get there.

Financial Mistakes of Young Americans is now available on Amazon.

If you own the book and liked it please leave a review so that others can find this tome.

Vacations are among the most stressful things possible, especially with kids.

If you need a vacation from a vacation, go to a park or field or camp ground.  Do it in the morning before the world is really waking up, and just listen to the birds and watch the mist burn off with the morning sun.  30 minutes of this while quietly walking will do wonders for you, from your blood pressure to countering cortisol and all of the stress hormones in your system.

30 minutes of quiet time like this has been proven to be as effective as almost 3x that amount of time of sleep, will improve your productivity, and make it so that you don’t kill someone and bury their body in the woods.

Yes my friends it is wicked hot here in the Northeast.  Stay hydrated.

While you are having a beverage of your choice, think about this:

When was the last time you took a vacation?  How long did you plan for it?

Now, how much time have you spent on planning your entire financial future?

There is now more student loan debt than there is mortgage debt in the US.

And credit card companies are now getting into the game.

This is bad and only going to get worse, mark my words.