Remember, I studied Physics, specifically optics and nuclear engineering.  So I probably have a faily good grasp of how electromagnetic radition (i.e. light at all wavelengths from long radio waves through visible down to UV,  X,  and beyond) effects things.  Things like soft squishy things primarily composed of water, like say a human brain.

Holding an emitting device by your skull for extended periods is not good.  This is your cell phone.

Looking at an emitter for extended periods is not good.  This would be a computer monitor or TV screen.

Sitting with a device on your crotch for long periods is not smart.   That is me tapping away at my laptop right now.

We as a society are bathed in more man made radiation than ever.  No, it is not “dangerous” in that the levels are very low and the frequencies are not at damaging levels.  But just the sheer amount should concern you.

Why is this relative to finance, and specifically Disability Insurance Awareness Month?  Well what is the outcome of us essentially swimming in radiation?  Over time health effects, whether it is cancer, or low sperm motility, or what have you.  The environment we live in is not nearly as friendly as it was even two decades ago, and it will show over the next few decades.

Best way to hedge against this effect: get some disability insurance.  The changing world around us makes it an even smarter move than before.