So it’s 2010. Where are the flying cars? Where are the jobs?
I can’t design a flying car, but I might be able to come up with some jobs by stimulating the economy. And that will come from being excellent at what I do, and do massive amounts of it in the new year.
I can write well and at a very high content level, whether it is a pure academic environment propecia and acne or commercially oriented. I had success with each in 2009, but I am really going all out in 2010.
My goal: sell over 200,000 copies of my books this year. If and when I do this, it will have a pretty massive impact on tens of thousands of people. This will have ripples in the economy, probably having a more fundamental effect than the entire Cash for Clunkers program at a fraction of a percent of the cost.
Also, when we acomplia online purchase have to get ten thousand plus books a month printed and shipped and accounted for, then not only will we have a bunch of additional tax revenue to support the government, we will hire some additional people on staff. New jobs are a good thing, period.
So what can you do to help the economy? buy generic drugs online (Other than buy my books and tell lots of other people to do so too?)