Question:  Why is the President tapping the oil reserves?  Will it help the price of gas?

Answer: The President is tapping the oil reserves because it makes great political theater and he is working on his re-election bid.

Did he tap them when the oil supply was disrupted by nature in the middle of a freezing winter?  No, and he shouldn’t have.

Shou. ld he tap them during the summer driving season and gas was at $4 a gallon?  No, he shouldn’t have for the same logic.

Tapping into the 30 million units we have saved is not even a drop in the bucket of the demand.  So it is like a band aid on a gunshot wound to the belly.  Even a pretty Hello Kitty bandaid isn’t going to do jack diddley squat, other than let him say “well, we did do something”.  Oh, and what if we need that oil for what it is intended for, like defending the country with the now THREE fronts (Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq) we are fighting on.

It was nothing more than a bold faced attempt to curry favor and buy votes by weakening the country.  Yes, I am pissed off over it.  Not because I subscribe to any particular party, but because it was done to try and get him re-elected and directly negatively affects our security while doing NOTHING about the situation he was supposedly addressing (high oil prices).