Here is a small savings idea I have used for over a decade.  There is absolutely nothing technical about it and requires zero advanced financial knowledge.  Here it is: use cash.

What?!  Yup.  Use cash.  Cash actually gives you haptic feedback that swiping a card doesn’t because you have to count out the bills (try to never have anything bigger than a $20 as it disrupts your feedback), and then they physically give you back change.  Pyschological studies have shon that people spend a bit less when they use cash versus writing checks or using cards.

But don’t stop there.  Take your metal change and at the end of every day throw it into a container.  I have an old gallon jug (used to hold wine) that I  throw mine into.  DO NOT RAID IT!  Not for quarters (buy a roll and keep in a separate cup), or to buy beer, or anything short of a real emergency.  When the jug is almost full take it you your bank if they have a coin sorter (like Coinstar) and deposit it.  This can help you build your emergency fund or to save for that next TV.  Or to pay off the credit card you rang up because you didn’t realize it was real money like the coins in your pocket.